Santa Clara Hall of Shame

The Mayor/Council are listening more but as they adjust the General Plan and develop specific plans we need to continually show them what 'does not work.'

In a general sense, developments that don't belong where they are. The ones below do damage to adjacent low density neighborhoods by being an overbearing presence, dramatically increasing traffic on neighborhood streets, creating significant parking problems for existing residents due to the high density in close proximity, or all of the above.

If you know of an example which is not shown please submit a picture or two showing the problem. Include the location of the development and any history you have. Also please let me know how much or how little credit you want. I like to recognize contributors but if you chose to remain anonymous so be it.

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The first ones are from the Not Smart Growth page.

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Camino Main Place, Main at El Camino
Madison Place, Madison at El Camino
Saratoga Ave Condos at Scott
Villas on the Blvd from Donovan
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Villas on the Blvd from Donovan